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Prototyping & Manufacturing Services

INIA has an in-house capability on assembly of Through-hole components, SMD and most of the fine pitch components also cable harness activities.

INIA has an in-house capability on Enclosure CAD design and help customer on the prototyping.

INIA Technologies is teaming up with local ISO 9000:2000 certified contract manufacturing company for the state-of-the-art manufacturing services. We specialize engineering value-added services and small volume/prototype production runs. With INIA Technologies's strong project design and PCB design capability, we can deliver the best and quality results to you and meet your stringent schedule.

Our services are including:

  • Turn-Key Assembly
  • Prototype Assembly
  • Small Production Runs
  • Surface Mount Technology Board Assembly
  • Mixed Board Assembly
  • PCB Modification & Re-work and Soldering
  • Box Assembly

To request a quote, send an email directly to with a detailed requirement as an attachment. We will respond and send you back our quotation with in 48 hours.


  • First time correctness and Zero re-spins

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Competent Resources

  • Fast ramp-up

  • Highest quality standards

  • Transparent Risk Management

  • Less than 1% Attrition

  • Accountable to customer success

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